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This music pack contains 11 loopable tracks and one variation of atmospheric pixel inspired video game music. This music much like that found in Hyperlight Drifter and Fez. These songs range from intense, energetic, exciting, moody and calming making them perfect for pixel adventure games, RPG's, battles, dramatic adventures, and more.

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1. Atmosphere of Danger (LOOPING) 1:17

2. Beneath the Canopy (LOOPING) 0:56

3. Hidden Cavern (LOOPING) 1:10

4. Home 1:00

5. Melancholy Wasteland (LOOPING) 1:17

6. Morning Frost (LOOPING) 1:52

7. Overworld Menu (LOOPING) 0:38

8. Rivers Flow (LOOPING) 4:25

9. The World Below (LOOPING) 2:20

10. Vast Plateau (LOOPING) 1:09

11. Wandering Forest (LOOPING) 5:43

12. Wandering Forest No Percussion (LOOPING) 2:53

Sample rate 48khz

Bit depth 16 bit.

Loopable: If, advised Yes

Additional: Stereo


Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

In order to download this soundtrack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $19.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Atmosphere of Danger Looping.wav 21 MB
Beneath The Canopy Looping.wav 15 MB
Hidden Cavern Looping.wav 19 MB
Home.wav 16 MB
Melancholy Wasteland Looping.wav 21 MB
Morning Frost Looping.wav 30 MB
Overworld Menu.wav 9 MB
PixelAtmopshereAdventureDemoTrack.wav 41 MB
PixelAtmosphereAdventureAlbumArt_StrikecastAudio.jpg 593 kB
River Flows Looping.wav 72 MB
Thankyou from Strikecast Audio.rtf 4 kB
The World Below Looping.wav 25 MB
Vast Plateau Looping.wav 18 MB
Wandering Forest Looping.wav 94 MB
Wandering Forest NO PERC Looping.wav 47 MB

Download demo

PixelAtmopshereAdventureDemoTrack_44100hz.wav 25 MB

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