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This music pack contains 16 loopable tracks which are perfect for your couch co-op, platformers, adventure, battle and puzzle games These songs range from, energetic, exciting, funky and party fuelled bangers! Go have some fun with these energy inducing tracks and bring the good times to your games!

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 Strikecast Audio 




  1. Big Bang Battle (LOOPING) 1:29
  2. Bongo Boogie Menu (LOOPING) 1:10
  3. Duck Funk (LOOPING) 0:40
  4. Factory Funk (LOOPING) 1:29
  5. Freaky Factory (LOOPING) 1:12
  6. Juggernaut Jungle (LOOPING) 1:52
  7. Lax Layover (LOOPING) 2:00
  8. Maritime Mayhem (LOOPING) 1:30
  9. Monkey Madness (LOOPING) 2:44
  10. Red Rock Ramble (LOOPING) 1:27
  11. Runaway Train (LOOPING) 0:59
  12. Signal Stealer (LOOPING) 1:30
  13. Skunk Jump (LOOPING) 1:13
  14. Sky Jiver (LOOPING) 1:45
  15. Surfing Sailors (LOOPING) 0:51
  16. Tropical Tantrum (LOOPING) 2:22


Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

In order to download this soundtrack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $19.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Big Bang Battle LOOPING.wav 24 MB
Bongo Boogie Menu LOOPING.wav 19 MB
Duck Funk Looping.wav 11 MB
Factory Funk Looping.wav 24 MB
Freaky Factory LOOPING.wav 19 MB
Juggernaut Jungle LOOPING.wav 30 MB
Lax Layover LOOPING.wav 32 MB
Maritime Mayhem LOOPING.wav 24 MB
Monkey Madness LOOPING.wav 45 MB
Platformer Party Battle!.jpg 712 kB
PlatformerPartyBattleDemoTrack.wav 83 MB
Red Rock Ramble LOOPING.wav 23 MB
Runaway Train LOOPING.wav 16 MB
Signal Stealers Looping.wav 24 MB
Skunk Jump Looping.wav 20 MB
Sky Jiver LOOPING.wav 28 MB
Surfing Sailors LOOPING.wav 14 MB
Thankyou From Strikecast Audio PBB.rtf 3 kB
Tropical Tantrum LOOPING.wav 39 MB

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