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This music pack contains 9 loop able tracks. This music much like what you would find in an arcade puzzle game with ball mechanics of the life. It is very electronically influenced . These songs range from intense, energetic, exciting, moody and funky making them perfect for futuristic inspired platforming, party games, puzzle and arcade adventures!

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Strikecast Audio




  1. A Puzzling Challenge (Long+Loop) 2:20
  2. A Puzzling Challenge (LOOPING) 0:52
  3. Acid Ascent (LOOPING) 3:12
  4. Epic Lobby Track (LOOPING) 0:38
  5. Funky Bonus (LOOPING) 3:36
  6. Mainframe Meltdown (LOOPING) 2:39
  7. Nailed it Round Over (LOOPING) 0:53
  8. No Time to Spare (LOOPING) 1:20
  9. Race to the Finish (LOOPING) 2:24
  10. Wicked Workout (LOOPING) 1:42


Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

In order to download this soundtrack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $19.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

A Puzzling Challenge (Long+Loop).wav 25 MB
A Puzzling Challenge LOOPING.wav 14 MB
Acid Ascent LOOPING.wav 52 MB
Epic Lobby Track LOOPING.wav 9 MB
Funky Bonus LOOPING.wav 59 MB
Mainframe Meltdown LOOPING.wav 43 MB
Nailed It Round Over LOOPING.wav 14 MB
No Time To Spare LOOPING.wav 21 MB
Race to the Finish LOOPING.wav 36 MB
SuperPuzzlePlatformerBallStrikecAstGameMusicPack.jpg 857 kB
SuperPuzzlePlatformerDemoTrack.wav 44 MB
Thankyou From Strikecast Audio SPPB.rtf 4 kB
Wicked Workout LOOPING.wav 28 MB

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SuperPuzzlePlatformerDemoTrack_44100hz.wav 27 MB

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